Federal Budget 2022: New Problems, New Solutions, but is it enough?

April 13, 2022 |Jeremy Goldfarb
Last week, the sitting Liberal minority government, delivered it's 2022 budget, which will pass easily with the support of the NDP. As is the case with any government, it is easy to criticize the many shortcomings of a budget, but my only fear with respect...
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Bill C-208: Business owners take note

July 28, 2021 |Jeremy Goldfarb
Surplus stripping. Moving excess cash out of an operating business using capital gains rates as opposed to dividend rates. This is a strategy best suited for the professional realm of accounting, but the term is an important one to focus on. Especially...
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Gasoline tax: Funny how government works.....

March 26, 2021 |Jeremy Goldfarb
In an article I spotted today on CNBC (click here), there was a short section on establishing a mileage tax as opposed to increasing gasoline taxes. The proposal is being floated on the cusp of what may be the single largest US infrastructure spending...
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Bidens potential tax changes and how it may affect Canadians

November 20, 2020 |Jeremy Goldfarb
Admittedly, the attached PDF could be considered a "big" article. Not so much in terms of its total size, but more in terms of its content. I would strongly suggest that anyone with US exposure of any sort heed some of the advice here and speak with your...
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A short sighted position in my view (Opinion post)

August 20, 2019 |Jeremy Goldfarb
Throughout my career, I have seen a number of financial and tax planning structures driven out of existence for a plethora (I love that word) of reasons. The fundamental rationale behind changes to the law regarding tax and financial planning, is a perceived...
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No. It's not that busy really

February 27, 2019 |Jeremy Goldfarb
RRSP season. Such a funny thing to say really. There's Summer/Winter/Spring/Fall....even hockey and baseball season if you will. But RRSP season? C'mon. Some financial marketing "expert" dreamed that baby up years ago as a means to drum up fervor to pile...
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Crystal ball tax planning

February 07, 2019 |Jeremy Goldfarb
Horror films, can be unnerving, but horror literature? I would recommend Livio Di Matteo’s essay. It compares personal income tax from now to where the tax started (post WW1(ish)). One great difference between now and then is how little revenue the income...
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TFSA (Tax Free account) Mechanics

January 23, 2019 |Jeremy Goldfarb
I've had a few calls on this, and there are some misunderstandings regarding the TFSA so I figured I would share some of my thoughts today. The Tax free savings account is a bit of a misnomer as it confuses some clients into thinking that it is simply...
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The Tax Free Account (TFSA)

January 15, 2019 |Jeremy Goldfarb
The TFSA contribution limit for 2019 is $6,000, representing an increase from the prior year amount of $5,500. The chart below shows the cumulative amounts since the TFSA was brought into law back in 2009. The benefits of saving in this account are well...
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