Election primers -- Polls and Divided Governments (USA)

Sep 09, 2020 | Jeremy Goldfarb


From the investment desk


The great minds from our Portfolio Advisor Group are at it again with some wicked charts to look at today. It really seems like Biden is running away with this election huh? Everywhere you look Trump is getting criticized, and clearly has no chance of winning right? Or does he............


As you can see below, back in 2016, 50 days before the election, Hillary Clinton actually had a bigger lead in swing states and still ultimately lost. This little tidbit combined with my post from last week really makes you wonder huh? Care to see what I'm talking about.....click here to find out


Another interesting chart to look at, and if you look back at this post here from early July, you'll get even more context. What does it mean to investors have a divided government in the US. Is it better when things are united, or is it better when nothing happens due to Dems and the GOP fighting each other at every turn. The chart below shows you what has happened over the years with varying governmental mixes. Have a look for yourself.


Stick around....more is coming. In the meantime, read and share. Let's get everyone talking about this one!!


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