Confusion: The value of advice

May 22, 2020 | Jeremy Goldfarb


Credit RBC GAM for this gem but first......


I have used this space to comment on the value of professional investment and wealth management advice, many times over the years. In a regular paced environment, one that we are all accustomed to, decision making is still difficult, but manageable. In a fast paced, highly turbulent environment (like the one that exists today, and even more so 5 or 6 weeks ago) the value of professional advice is at its peak. Have a look at the chart below.....


This is a chart for Zoom and Zoom. One is a company that is used for video conferencing and is something you have likely become familiar with as we all hunkered down back in March. The other is a company that trades as a penny stock and produces electronic communications equipment used in mobile phones. Zoom Video Communications.......and Zoom Technologies. As you can see.....the Zoom you know has continued a meteoric rise. The Zoom you don't know has plummeted and is down 43% on the year. 


The value of professional advice.