Trimming the FANGs

Feb 14, 2020 | Jeremy Goldfarb


We could add many names to this investment acronym. Coined by Jim Cramer from CNBC years ago (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google), this group of stocks was an investment return juggernaut, outpacing the market by a broad range for quite some time. Now the participation may not have been so broadly based this time around for the group (at least for the F/N), but you could add a bunch of other names here.


What about Apple? Visa? Mastercard? Microsoft?  (gulp) Tesla...? A broad array of companies have seen all time highs breached, and a 12 month return of staggering proportions.


But what good is made money if you can't keep it? Good markets do not die of old age, but regardless of where we stand in the cycle, I believe that we are offered several key opportunities to rebalance, to take some of that made money off the table, or put somewhere else. To "derisk" a little bit or at least "deconcentrate" (maybe I'll get to keep that word as my own)


At any rate, take a moment to look at your returns, and consider a good, solid rebalancing. If anything, it's a healthy dose of rational thinking.