Perspective: The Climate and Money

Apr 11, 2019 | Jeremy Goldfarb


Those that know me either socially, professionally, or just in passing can probably guess what part of the political and social spectrum I land. The beating drum around the change in our climate has grown quite loud more recently, and it is impossible to ignore. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, education on all viewpoints and facts is absolutely necessary. I struggle to understand those on either ends of the spectrum that refuse to acknowledge one another's existence. They argue like children as though the other's view of the facts, and opinion are completely baseless when in reality, few arguments are entirely black and white.


I recently watched "Our Planet" which is the latest narrated installment from a true legend, David Attenborough. I urge you to sit down with your family and watch it together. It can be found on Netflix by clicking here. (warning that episode 2 has scene that is very difficult to watch) The best part of this series, is that Mr. Attenborough is very pragmatic and balanced in his approach, or at least that is what I am hearing. There is no yelling and screaming about what is right and what is wrong. Ultimately, we are facing change and it is what we do in the face of that change, that will dictate what change we have to address in the future.


So why all of this? In some form, our changing environment will affect both your lifestyle and your money. The Socially Responsible investment landscape has grown from a fringe component to something that is far more mainstream. Like anything else though....there is not just one answer, there are many. You may find that there is a place in your portfolio for this, or maybe it takes over the whole thing.

An excellent article from RBC's Frederique Carriere looks at this issue in the latest installment from Global insight.


Click on it here, and let's talk about it. Educate yourself.