Two sections of particular interest: Global insight Monthly

Jan 11, 2019 | Jeremy Goldfarb


Combing this months Global insight on the heels of what has been a nice rebound for stocks since Christmas eve. There are 2 sections in here that caught my eye.


One (the first one) that speaks to RBC's position regarding the most recent market behavior and what it is saying to us. I can't say that I am as optimistic as the firm I work with, however I know that I am not as bearish as the naysayers that I hear on a daily basis. That said, we are simply searching for quality at this point. In 2017, everything turned to gold, and we have seen that before. 2018 was odd insofar as the safehaven of bonds was "not so safe" given the rapid rise in interest rates. It did however give folks an opportunity to assess their appetite for risk.


The second is the section on Canada. This market certainly provides an opportunity to generate alpha (returns), however it also tests your mettle. Where oil goes, so goes Canada so you better buy into a better oil story before changing you mind on this much maligned market.


Click here for the January edition