Prenups: I'll never need them....until

June 19, 2018 | Jeremy Goldfarb


Nobody likes talking about this kind of thing. You could almost compare its appeal to pre-planning your own's just no fun. The thing is, we really shouldn't dismiss the benefit of pre-marital financial planning (it sounds nicer when you say it like that). Some great understanding of one another can come out of it, and you may both be better for it.


Believe me, I am not trying to sugar coat an otherwise touchy subject, and there are some huge misconceptions around when and where a prenup would make sense. The single largest misconception is that prenups are for the wealth only, or when someone wealth marries someone.....not so wealthy. It's simply not true. I am sure that everyone reading this would be able to share a horror story or two about a friend or acquaintance (or themselves) who has been through a relationship breakdown. Instead of trundling on about the subject, I'll turn your attention to the attached publication.


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