At Shigehiro Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities our practice is rooted in a deep understanding of our clients, which allows us to develop a comprehensive financial plan. We pride ourselves on quality communication: listening to you and understanding your evolving needs so that we can act proactively to help achieve your goals. We feel our service is what really differentiates us, and is reflected in the overall peace of mind these plans provide. To build them, we follow a refined, proven process:


1. Establishing your needs, our service and whether there is a fit:

Establishing a relationship with an advisor who will help direct your financial future is one of the most important decisions you will make. We always begin with an initial meeting to help determine if our investment philosophy and process makes sense for you.


2. Discovery meeting:

Our holistic approach to financial planning requires a thorough knowledge of you and your finances. At this meeting, we gain a deeper understanding of your financial circumstance and collect important information, such as:

  • Most recent investment statements
  • Insurance policies and recent statements
  • Loan information (credit cards, school loans, line of credit, mortgage, etc.)
  • Tax return/Notice of Assessment from previous year
  • Pension Statement of Contributions (employment, CPP)
  • For corporations: most recent financial statements, shareholder's agreement, investment statements, corporate insurance policies and recent account statements


3. Defining your goals and expectations:

Next, we give you just a bit of homework before our second meeting. We ask you to think about what’s important to you and your family, from the maintenance of your lifestyle to specific ambitions like a dream home or vacation. With this information, we can make the right recommendations.


4. Second meeting – clarifying your present financial status:

We present a detailed investment and wealth strategy. We will review the information you sent us and explain how it relates to the plan we have developed for you. We then work together to refine objectives to ensure the plan encompasses all of your long- and short-term goals.


5. Opening your accounts and implementing the financial plan:

Opening your accounts and transferring in any investments is very quick and easy. The applications can be filled out in person with us or we can send them to you my mail, or through a secured email for you to print, sign and mail back. We will then work with you step-by-step implement the plan we have developed together.


6. Monitoring and adapting:

As important as building the original financial plan is – it is also extremely important to make sure that your plan evolves with you and your needs. We continually monitor your progress over the course of our relationship to ensure it adapts to your changing needs and goals. We have a detailed service program that ensures you get the quality service you deserve on an ongoing basis. We’re always a call or email away if you require timely guidance or information in the meantime.

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