We begin by sitting down with our clients, and listening. Its just that complicated. The first thing we emphasis is that even though we will help create a plan for moving forward, everything is part of a process. Our job is to help you get organized and work with your other advisors to ensure that your plan, whatever it may be, is going to work the way you had envisioned it. From selling your business to your kids, to spending winters in Florida on the golf course. Planning is key. Updating that plan as you go along, is even more important.

Together with a team of professional staff, Jay custom builds financial solutions that will structure your wealth in a simple and measurable manner. Why is that important? We have found that clients worry about three three things - Death. Losing Money. Having enough Income. Not necessarily in that order. Our job is to address these primary concerns and make sure your plan addresses each of these issues in a simple and understandable language.