Welcome to Kilgannon Wealth

Money can be a touchy subject. It’s considered perfectly acceptable to ask people what they do for a living, but impolite to ask how much they earn. Of course, that’s in the “real world”. In managing peoples and company's finances, we have to ask such questions, polite or not.

Every day, Jay Kilgannon and his team use their training as Wealth Advisors, Financial Planners and Family Enterprise Advisors to try to make these kinds of conversations less invasive and more focused on achieving whatever end result the client most desires or needs. It’s important for people not to feel interrogated or judged by the kinds of scrutiny we have to put them through.

Yet, the most important questions we ask have nothing to do with financial figures. They are about what clients believe are most important to them in life: the values they hold most dear. Maybe that’s why our clients are so comfortable talking about the numbers, too.

For Jay, helping people make the most of their financial assets is rewarding work. He enjoys guiding his clients as they implement the strategies that help meet their goals.

As a Senior Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager with RBC Dominion Securities for over 25 years, Jay has taken an integrated, comprehensive approach to wealth management. He sees his role as helping people make smart choices about their money for the reasons that are important to them. Whether it be more time with family, giving back to community or serving a higher purpose, we are here to help.

The Kilgannon Wealth team has a combined 80 years of experience that they bring to the table. They have demonstrated a consistent ability to protect and grow the hard-earned assets of their clients, many of whom have experienced major life changes including the sale of a business, retirement or the loss of a spouse. Come and check out some of the resources and tools available to our clients.