The Discretionary money management approach.

Some people like to follow their investments very closely, while others desire to take a ‘hands off’ approach, so they can focus on their own business, travel or outside interests. Whether you choose to be involved or delegate is a matter of personal choice. The discretionary approach is most attractive for people who want to be involved with the broad investment mandate but prefer to delegate the day-to-day decisions to the Portfolio Manager. Discretionary Money Management allows for a very efficient process to investment management, as trades which meet the client’s objectives can be executed on a timely basis.

Using the finest research from RBC Dominion Securities and outside research sources, Jason will ensure that the investment guidelines established in your individual pre-determined Investment Policy Statement are strictly adhered to.

Equity investments are only made after careful analysis of the RBC Dominion Securities Strategy Committee’s ‘Focus List’ of the Top 20 recommended stocks in Canada, as well as other industry influences and trends. The Focus List (available upon request) has a proven track record dating back to its initial introduction in 1985. A similar stock list, published in the U.S., is also used.


A winning combination...

Specialized wealth management services incorporating:

  • Discretionary portfolio management

  • Tax-advantaged growth strategies

  • Estate planning

  • Private banking services

  • Comprehensive retirement plans

  • Financial plans: For clients with complex needs