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Janet Ketchen

Vice President & Investment Advisor

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After more than 25 years as a financial advisor, Janet has come to appreciate the value of long-term management strategies. Following a straightforward, common-sense approach to investing, Janet helps clients implement effective strategies for managing the inevitable ebbs and flows of the market.


"More often than not, simple, but not simplistic, solutions provide most of the benefits of complicated ones,” comments Janet. "They also offer easier implementation and greater flexibility.”


When she's not working, Janet's life revolves around family and friends. She enjoys photography, cycling, animals, yoga and the beauty of nature. Janet also enjoys reading, and still has fond memories of one of her first books – The Five Go Adventuring Againby Enid Blyton. Set in England, it's a tale of boys and girls who head off camping or adventuring.


"The story taught me that life is a journey, one made better in the company of family and friends.”