• We take a holistic approach to wealth management incorporating many different aspects of your financial wellbeing beyond the management of your portfolio.
  • Starting with an in depth interview of Discovery, we seek to understand your complete financial picture including your long term needs from an income and capital point of view as well as any special circumstances that may apply to your situation.
  • From here we develop a comprehensive Plan for your future designed to help meet your income and estate planning goals. Where appropriate, we may utilize our RBC partners to assist us with more complex planning needs that require a specialized knowledge of tax and/or estate law.
  • An Investment Policy Statement will outline the parameters of how your portfolio will be invested. With discretionary account management there is an added layer of oversight from our in house Portfolio Management Group to help ensure that your portfolio is managed according to your IPS.
  • We will Implement your plan through a disciplined, investment strategy. Your portfolio will be built using research from our top-ranked analysts and other highly respected sources.
  • Adjustments will be made as your situation and markets evolve to help ensure that your portfolio continues to meet your needs over the long term.
  • Quarterly reports and an annual Review with you will keep you up to date with your portfolio's progress.

RESULT- Through this disciplined process, you will have a portfolio and a financial plan custom-tailored to help meet your investment objectives. The process is flexible enough to respond to a change in your objectives, but disciplined enough to maximize your returns.