"Choosing the right Investment Advisor is one of the most important financial decisions you will make"


What our Team can Offer you

 The team is committed to providing our clients with unparalleled service and advice to help them meet their ongoing financial needs. We use our team's unique strengths and process to help our clients maintain a sense of confidence in investing. Through the MacLean Advantage program, we help our clients identify, prioritize and achieve their needs and objectives. We offer superior service, reporting, communication and investment advice to all of our clients.

What Makes us Different

 We take you through a 5 step Investment program, based over 70 years of accumulated experience and careful consideration to individual needs and objectives. The program provides our clients with the correct path needed to become financially independent.

During the entire process, we have at our disposal access to one of the broadest selections of investment solutions and products available today. We can provide you with the necessary guidance for such things as Retirement Planning, *Estate Planning, Education Planning, Corporate Banking , Insurance Planning and other specialties. We also provide a wide range of services including quarterly portfolio reviews and monthly portfolio reports tailor-made to each individual.

MacLean Advantage Process

  •  Step 1 Discovery Understanding your Financial Situation
  • Step 2 Planning for your Future
  • Step 3 Program Implementation
  • Step 4 Reviewing & Communicating with You
  • Step 5 Evolving & Adjusting your Plan

Why Should you Choose us

 Our conservative portfolio style is well suited for the long-term investor who is looking for a committed, dedicated, trustworthy investment team to provide a custom tailored plan that is designed with their individual financial needs in mind. We have at our disposal a wealth of resources and offer premier service, competitive pricing and most importantly experience.

Important notices