We feel fortunate to be part of RBC Dominion Securities, Canada’s largest investment firm. RBC provides us with the resources so we can devote our time to giving you the best possible service.

To do this, we focus our efforts in three areas:

  • Getting to know you - To tailor an investment strategy that reflects your unique needs and goals, we do more than collect financial information. We try to get to know you personally. Too many mistakes are made by investment counselors who become fixated on the latest hot trend, or who are excessively cautious. A good plan requires not only financial expertise, but also understanding and empathy. Perhaps the most important thing we do is build relationships.
  • Personalized solutions - Every investor should have an investment policy - a strategy that lays down a roadmap to achieve his or her long-term goals. A good strategy need not be complex; the best are often very straightforward, but it is essential to have one to move forward with confidence.
  • Keeping your costs down - To maximize returns, we also help you keep your investment costs and administration fees to a minimum. That’s why we like to review your entire portfolio to avoid duplicate holdings and fees. We offer account options where everything - including all trades - is covered in one inclusive fee.

Our team offers our clients a full range of investment products from GICs, stocks, bonds, money market, ETFs, mutual funds and managed accounts.

Our Professional Wealth Management approach includes:

  • Financial Planning
  • Credit & Lending
  • Taxation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Savings
  • Charitable Giving
  • Insurance
  • Estate Planning

We take pride in providing quality service to clients. For more information or for a second opinion on your current portfolio please call or email us.

A plan for your priorities

Getting the right investment advice is a key part of managing wealth. But it's just one part of a bigger picture.

That's why you deserve a coordinated wealth management strategy that helps to address the financial concerns at each stage of life, such as:

  • Growing assets for future goals like retirement
  • Maintaining assets to protect financial well-being
  • Creating an income stream for retirement
  • Creating a lasting legacy