1. My contact information has changed? What should I do?

Recent changes to Investment Dealers Association guidelines require that clients provide address or contact information changes to the firm in writing. Please contact Avinash Haswani at (604) 257-7653 and he will send the necessary change form with a return envelope.

2. How do I view my accounts online?

You are able to access any Dominion Securities account online. If you currently use RBC Online Banking, we can create a link such that when you log in as normal, your DS accounts will be viewable. If you do not currently use RBC Online Banking, you can gain access via http://www.gregupson.com/. For either method, please contact Avinash Haswani at (604) 257-7653 to make the necessary arrangements.

3. How do I arrange for electronic statements instead of paper statements?

Once logged in to your account online, access the My Accounts page and click on the Statements tab. You are then able to elect the eStatements option in place of paper statements.

4. I need to make a withdrawal from my RRSP, or I need to take an extra RRIF payment, change my RRIF payment schedule, or change the bank account to which my payments are deposited. What should I do?

The Canadian Revenue Agency requires that a client signature be obtained in order to process any of these requests. Please contact Avinash Haswani at (604) 257-7653 and he will provide you with the necessary documentation.

5. How much tax will be withheld when I make an RRSP withdrawal or take an extra RRIF payment?

Amount Federal Tax Rates
$0 – $5000.00 10%
$5000.01 – $15000.00 20%
$15000.01 + 30%


The withholding tax tiers (%) above will apply directly to the gross amount of any RRSP withdrawal.

RRIF taxation is slightly different. Unless requested, no tax is withheld on any RRIF payment (scheduled or extra) until the minimum required annual payment from the RRIF has been reached. Once the minimum has been reached, the tax tiers (%) above are applicable based on the total scheduled withdrawals remaining in the year, not the amount of the individual withdrawal. For example, suppose you have already exceeded your minimum annual RRIF payments, but still have one $2000 scheduled quarterly payment remaining and have just requested an additional gross payment of $4000. In this case, even though the requested payment is for $4000, 20% will be withheld (not 10%) as the total scheduled payments remaining, including this extra payment, exceed $5000. We understand RRIF taxation can be confusing, please contact Avinash Haswani at (604) 257-7653 if you require clarification.

6. What is my minimum RRIF Payment?

Your minimum RRIF payment will change annually. It is based on a formula which factors in a client's age and the market value of their account. For specific information on your minimum RRIF payment, please contact Avinash Haswani at (604) 257-7653.

7. I would like to change the amount or date of my pre-authorized contributions or change the bank account from which they come, what should I do?

If you only wish to change the amount or date of the contribution, we can accept your instructions verbally. If you need to update the banking information we have on file, a void cheque for the new account as well as a client signature will be required. Please contact Avinash Haswani at (604) 257-7653 to discuss these matters.

8. I would like to add or change a beneficiary, what should I do?

A beneficiary of a registered account can be added or changed anytime. Please contact Avinash Haswani at (604) 257-7653 for the required documentation.

9. I have a friend or family member who needs assistance with their investments. How should I refer them to Greg?

As a value added service, we are willing to provide advice or a second opinion to a friend or family member of yours with no obligation to become a client of ours. Please contact Greg Upson at (604) 257-7387

10. I cannot view or open the attachments in Greg's website, why not?

It is likely you require a newer version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please click here to download it.