Greg Parrott, CFP®, CIM, FCSI

Vice-President & Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor & Financial Planner

You know it is important to build your financial security for the future, but you also need to enjoy your many successes today.  We work with you to understand your situation and objectives in order to implement wealth management solutions designed for you.  We have the qualifications and experience to help you in many financial areas from designing the appropriate retirement plan to maximizing your after-tax return.  We will guide you through the complex financial markets and help you make smart financial decisions to achieve your hopes and dreams.
Some of the people we specialize in helping:
  • Professionals who need to design a plan to secure their financial future and hire a wealth management team they can trust while they focus on employing their skills
  • Business owners who want to understand the wealth management solutions available to maximize the benefits of their growing business
  • Individuals who are nearing retirement and want to make sure their plan is on the right course
  • Retirees who want solutions to reduce their tax bill and maximize their assets throughout their retirement
  • Individuals who would like to pass along their estate in a tax efficient manner