It's your money.  They're your dreams.  It'll be your legacy.  So let's make this introduction about you - not me. 

I'm a firm believer that everybody has a story to tell, and I want to hear yours.  I want to hear about your accomplishments, your family, your work, your goals, and your concerns.  Clients tell me they appreciate the fact that I want to know about them before I know about their money.  Whether the amount is $250,000 or $25,000,000 doesn't change the order of my process.  The first meeting is always about you, and what's most important to you. 

What do clients find appealing?  Besides almost two decades of investment experience, (see my bio), two things:  First, I listen.  I want to hear about what's important to you and how you see money shaping your family's future.  And secondly, I like to keep things simple - for everybody's benefit.  My goal is not to dazzle you with complex terminology or 50-page reports.  It's simply to ensure that I've been able to clearly outline (1) what we're doing; (2) why we're doing it; and (3) how it will benefit you.   

I want to give you the peace of mind that comes with having a truly dedicated wealth manager quarterbacking your family's overall financial affairs and offering intelligent ideas.  Let's meet for a casual cup of coffee - without pressure or obligation - so that you can tell me a little bit about your story, and to begin the process of determining how I can help you.  Once we've met and you get a sense for what we can accomplish in partnership, I know you'll be glad you accepted my invitation.  I'm here to help, and I look forward to meeting you. 


With kind regards,                                            
Graham Evanoff, CIM, FMA, FCSI

Senior Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor, and Financial Planner

(416) 842-3408   
P.S.  Are you a business owner?  If so, ask me for a copy of our guide titled, "10 Key Decisions for Business Owners" and let's explore some of the strategies that could benefit you and your family.