My intention with these pages is to introduce you to not only a sampling of the extensive services I can leverage to your benefit here at RBC Dominion Securities, but the common themes and values that bring us together from the beginning of your wealth management journey. Wealth management is a comprehensive approach to helping you achieve your goals in life. It gives you the confidence you need to make sound financial decisions, plus the freedom to live life the way you want. It also provides a clear roadmap for your future by addressing all aspects of your financial situation at each stage of your life.

I believe it is my fiduciary duty as your investment advisor to learn from the very beginning of our working together about your values and what you hold most important in order to deliver a value-added experience. Whether you are at the beginning of your wealth building years, established in your career, or in need of advice in addressing your retirement income plan, setting you up for future financial success can never start too early.

Because I am invested in achieving your desired objectives, you can always count on a personal approach from me. As a client you are a participant in the process, involved from the very beginning in understanding why we are embarking on the proposed strategy. Through the implementation and continual monitoring of your investments, we can ensure all your concerns are given the importance and attention they deserve and you can attain the peace of mind you desire.

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Gabriel Flores


Mid-year Outlook

Jun 30, 2023

Global economies have proved resilient, still largely growing despite what many 'so-called experts' had predicted at this time last year.

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Tick chart

Everything, everywhere, all at once.

Mar 17, 2023

Concerns over the stability of the global banking system emerged after a few sudden U.S. bank failures and signs of stress at a larger European one. Policymakers responded quickly and the situation has stabilized… for now.

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tax free first home savings account

Introducing the First Home Savings Account

Mar 06, 2023

This new account may help you save tax efficiently towards the purchase of a home.

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