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Andrews and Siemens Consulting Group

Lonny Andrews

Senior Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor
604-870-7158 | Email me | Visit Website

Craig Grant

Senior Portfolio Manager
604-870-7156 | Email me | Visit Website

Dave Harder

Senior Portfolio Manager
604-870-7126 | Email me | Visit Website

Sheila Michaud

Senior Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor & Financial Planner
604-870-7138 | Email me | Visit Website


Leighan McParland

Investment Advisor

604-870-7248 | Email me  | Visit Website

Andrews and Siemens Consulting Group

Mark Siemens

Senior Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor
604-870-7227 | Email me | Visit Website

Wilson Wealth Management Group

Cameron Wilson

Senior Portfolio Manager, Wealth Advisor, Financial Planner
604-870-7109 | Email me | Visit Website