We will work directly with you to create a customized investment plan that is unique to your situation. The following disciplined process focuses on your short, medium and long-term goals to keep you on track to achieving your financial objectives, and positions you to benefit from a comprehensive approach to wealth management. Through each step we help you to discover, strategize and implement the right plan to grow, protect and conserve your wealth.

As our clients reside around the globe special consideration is given to unique circumstances that may affect these individuals. Through our local knowledge and global expertise, Frank Mu will integrate and optimize every aspect of your financial life.

1. Discovery - Your goals, values and preferences

Getting to know you as an individual is essential to helping you achieve your financial objectives.

We will listen carefully to you and devote significant time and energy to understanding your needs and goals. We will look at all aspects of your financial situation, including your risk tolerance, return objectives, liquidity needs, time horizon, current holdings, financial experience and other factors.

2. Strategy - Linking your goals with opportunities

We will use some of the most sophisticated financial planning tools available to help recommend an investment plan tailored to your personal circumstances. If appropriate, we will also work with your existing professional network - or other specialists within RBC Wealth Management's network - to ensure that your investment strategy is aligned with your financial objectives.

3. Implementation - A personalized solution

Once you are comfortable with your plan, we will help you to implement it effectively.

Through International Investment Advisory services, you will have access to all the major global markets and a complete range of investment solutions. This includes tailored solutions utilizing products such as international equities and fixed-income investments, foreign exchange, offshore/international mutual funds, structured products, derivatives and an array of third-party managed products.

4. Review - Ensuring continuous discipline and attention

We will review your goals and investment strategy regularly with you to ensure your financial objectives are being met in light of your changing needs and ongoing economic or regulatory developments.

5. Communication - The information you need

How you choose to communicate with us is completely up to you - you can meet in person, by phone or online at the frequency you prefer. In addition to ongoing meetings with us, you will receive a quarterly account statement. At your discretion you can receive market reports, investment views and other related information -everything you need to make informed decisions and effectively manage your portfolio.