The drawbacks of deferring taxes

Sep 02, 2021 |Luc Joye

Most businesses must pay taxes on all income, including accounts receivable and inventory in the year they are created. However, farm businesses are one of the few exceptions, as they are permitted to pay taxes on a cash basis.

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Soybeans, corn & wheat update

Sep 02, 2021 |The Simpson/Caputo Group

Volatility has been the name of the game for the grain and oilseed markets throughout the 2021 growing season.

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Four reasons to consider renting farmland

Sep 02, 2021 |Thomas Blonde, Partner, Baker Tilly GWD

The advantages of buying property are well known to most farmers. It is a great way to build equity in your business and usually grows in value over time.

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To build or not to build? Build with relationships anchored in trust

Sep 02, 2021 |Herman Post

“To build or not to build?” That’s the question so many are asking as they weigh pros and cons.

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Help reduce your risk, boost your business, and improve your rates with this strategy

Sep 02, 2021 |Carson Burtwistle

As a farmer and business owner, sometimes it can feel like your banker speaks another language. Whether you're applying for a loan, buying the farm next door or upgrading your equipment fleet, focusing on these key aspects can help you improve...

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How to capitalize on a market that's on fire

May 07, 2021 |Phil Spoelstra, Broker, The Farm Ontario Team

We all wondered if the run on real estate might be over! Very few saw the current market conditions coming: multiple offers, prices over asking, increasing quota values, cash deals, etc.

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Soybeans, corn & wheat update

May 07, 2021 |The Simpson/Caputo Group of RBC Dominion Securities

As the North American winter nears completion, and farmers begin to set their focus on spring weather and planting conditions, the South American farmers begin to gear up for their harvest.

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When you need the right equipment at the right time

May 07, 2021 |Heather Rickard

Be ready to buy when you need to, allowing you to better meet the needs of your business and manage acquisition costs.

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COVID-19’s Impact On Farmland Values In Southwestern Ontario

May 07, 2021 |Kim Passmore

We’ve all learned a lot and adapted for even transformed our businesses to manage the ongoing uncertainty that the COVID-19 global health pandemic has dealt us. Early spring 2020 saw businesses close their doors and a list of "essential businesses"

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Tax treatment of road-going farm vehicles

May 07, 2021 |Thomas Blonde, Partner, Baker Tilly GWD

While many of the vehicles purchased by farm businesses – such as tractors and other farm machinery – are used exclusively for business purposes, some road-going vehicles (pick-up trucks, vans or similar vehicles) can also be used outside the farm bu

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