2019 Tax Information & Financial Planning facts

Feb 2019 - Elyse Clements

Greetings everyone. I have attached a link to a printable document listing a collection of handy tax and planning related facts. It can be a useful list to refer to when you find yourself wondering about RRSP/TFSA or other government limits. It also lists a variety of government benefit payments that may be of interest.

2019 Handy Financial Planning facts


Sometimes the Road Gets Bumpy

Dec 07, 2018 |Elyse Clements
Seasoned investors will have no trouble recognizing this bumpy road as something similar to what investment markets can be like at times. However, unlike a scenic roadway, none of us feel exuberant with the ups and downs of the investment markets, particularly...
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Trump, Tariffs and Trade Wars

Apr 06, 2018 |Elyse Clements
Volatility as markets look for clarity: At this point I think most people have accepted the reality that Donald Trump’s presidency is going to be peppered with decisions that catch even those closest to him with surprise. Even on topics where he has been...
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2017 Tax receipts, RRSP Contribution and Personal Income tax Filing Deadlines, TFSA's

Feb 23, 2018 |Elyse Clements
RRSP Deadlines and Tax package information While the deadline for RRSP contributions is soon upon us (March 1, 2018), you still have time to make some last minute contributions. Your 2017 contribution room is 18% of your 2016 earned income to a maximum...
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