... "Elaine is always readily accessible to answer any questions I may have,

is knowledgeable and explains the information in an easy to comprehend


Hazel Ainsworth

Registered Nurse


... "Your outstanding ability to familiarize yourself with my background and

financial goals, makes your investment ideas realistic and always workable.

You are a professional with a proven track record; making me feel very

secure that my investment capital is being preserved."

Henry Borger

Retired Grain Farmer


... "Elaine and her team are accessible on request. She is also very

knowledgeable and confident."

Lyle Ward

Consultant Engineering


... "We want our investments actively managed but do not want to spend

the long hours required to properly administer our finances [and] you have

freed up this time for us.

Jocelyn & Cecile Heroux

Aircraft Mechanic & Retired Bank

Branch Manager


... "It is reassuring to know that we can, when necessary, discuss issues on

a minute to minute basis with Elaine, or her team...She never push[es] or

rush[es] - just convince[s]."

Greg & Karen Hayden

Business Owner & Teacher


... "Elaine Zimmer is sensitive to our needs and goals, unbiased in her

recommendations, a good listener, and always there working for you to

protect and enhance your investments."

Leon & Joyce Lohner

Retired Teachers