Providing direction, meaning, and purpose


The values you hold are the foundation of what sustains you in your personal and financial life. Similarly, our team takes pride in a series of core values that provide us with direction, meaning, and purpose, and form the foundation of our wealth approach.

Proven, not promised

We focus on delivering measurable results, proving to you our worth by adding genuine value to your life and ensuring we do our best to protect and grow your hard-earned wealth.

Perpetual progress

While we always plan for the long term, we also strive to become incrementally stronger every single day – not only for personal growth, but for the benefit of our clients. Our desire for constant improvement extends to our clients, as we aim to put you in a better financial position than the year before.

Genuine care

 We truly believe that our success as a team is fully dependent on the success of our clients. To that end, we do everything in our power to provide you with the most exceptional client experience possible, and focus on forming meaningful relationships with you and your family to better anticipate your needs.

Dedicated effort

We would find it hard to sleep at night if we didn’t dedicate every ounce of our effort to improving your financial life. We take great pride in how efficiently and collaboratively we work with our team of wealth professionals across RBC, and are always seeking new and innovative ways to improve the services we provide.

Announcing: The Eastmure Thompson Wealth Advisory Football Scholarship


Starting in 2023, the Thompson Wealth Advisory Football Scholarship will be awarded to a student athlete with extraordinary athletic, academic, and leadership qualities, with preference given to a player from the region of Hamilton, Ontario (my hometown).

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football field.

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