A Process For Success

Achieving your unique financial goals starts with careful attention to detail.  That's why our process encompasses six investigative steps leading to a comprehensive wealth management strategy for every client.  It's a consistent and continuous investment process that ensures every piece of the puzzle is complete:

1. Meet our team: We outline our wealth management process and the services we provide.

2. Discovery: We develop an understanding of your goals, personal and financial.

3. Financial Planning: We review and analyze the information gathered - and prepare an analysis of your total financial situation.  

4. Investment Strategy: Together, we create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which serves as the blueprint for your strategy.  Then, we build a world-class portfolio designed to achieve your specific goals.  

5. Will & Estate, Tax, and Personal Risk Analysis: We will introduce, as appropriate, a full suite of complementary services courtesy of our extended wealth partners; a team of experts that includes accountants, lawyers and more - helping you protect what you've worked hard to build.  

6. Ongoing Service: We track and monitor portfolio performance, and give you timely updates.  As your needs and markets evolve, we will meet to review and adjust your plan accordingly.  

We review your portfolio performance with you regularly, and will discuss any appropriate changes necessary to keep you on track to meet your goals.  As part of that process, you will receive detailed account statements, portfolio performance summaries, transaction updates, and tax reports.  Our customized reporting ensures you are receiving what you'd like to see, and when you'd like to see it.  Finally, we conduct a comprehensive annual review of your wealth plan to ensure that it is meeting your immediate, mid-range and long-term expectations.

With our family office approach, our clients have peace of mind - and can focus on the aspects of life they enjoy most, knowing that their plan is well rounded and well taken care of.