Demitris Scouras, CIM

Portfolio Manager, Investment & Wealth Advisor

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Why I got into the Financial industry:

In the summer of 2007, my father (who always took care of the finances) passed away while vacationing in Greece, leaving his estate and portfolio to my mother.  Being naïve and overwhelmed by the financial industry, my mother approached me for help in reviewing her portfolios.  At the time I was a Physical Therapist, but I understood what prompted her concern.

Her portfolio showed a significant drop in value due in large part to poor diversification and asset allocation strategy coupled with a significant market correction that took place in 2008.  Although the recession was a time of uncertainty for many, it gave us an opportunity for a fresh start in creating a strong financial plan.  Together we began a discovery process to understand her needs, acknowledged her concerns and established a re-balancing strategy to meet her goals, regain her losses and eliminate her stress.

This experience was the impetus for my start in the financial industry 5 years later.  I saw how much of an impact it had on my mother, and wanted to continue helping others in a similar manner.  This is the full service wealth management approach I take with all my clients, protecting them from ever going through what my mother did while giving them the peace of mind that their financial affairs are in great hands.


Personal & Professional Life:

Demitris graduated from the University of Manitoba, with a B.A. in Economics and Medical Rehabilitation, attended Liberty University (Virginia) on a full ride  Soccer scholarship and has studied the markets closely for over 20 years.

Demitris and his family are passionate about investing in people and helping those in need.  They have established a scholarship in his brothers name, raised funds for the Children's Wish & Heart and Stroke Foundations and sponsor children through World Vision (who once sponsored Demitris mother).

In 2002, while playing Professional Football (Ottawa, Winnipeg and Montreal) Demitris was instrumental in launching a successful Multidisciplinary Sports Medicine clinic focusing on client advocacy, proactive communication and customer service.  Principles that his father always preached at the family business, the Red Top Restaurant.   

This background gives Demitris a unique perspective of the issues facing Medical Professionals, Pro Athletes and Business Owners...allowing him to develop comprehensive wealth management solutions integrating personal and corporate financial matters for his clients, saving them both time and taxes.

Demitris and his wife have 3 young children, that he enjoys spending as much time with as possible. 

Karen Wong

Administrative Assistant

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