Do you have a written Comprehensive Financial Plan that integrates your personal and professional life?
While working with Health care professionals on their wealth management needs (including incorporation), it has become evident that the overwhelming majority of health care professionals do not have a formal written financial plan that holistically integrates their personal and professional lives. This plan serves as our roadmap for your financial progress and our role as your wealth management coordinator.
Once presented it is important to us that you fully understand each component so that it meets your approval, and is line with your wishes.
A Comprehensive Financial Plan includes the following:
  • Household cash flow (monthly budgetary needs)
  • Professional incorporation (ie. salary/dividend mix for the entire family)
  • Risk analysis and solutions (ie. Life, Disability and Critical illness insurance)
  • Debt restructuring (including mortgages, lines of credit and credit card loans)
  • Tax efficient Investment objectives for your varyious portfolios
  • Creating a surplus spending account
  • Tax Planing (both personal and business)
  • Education planning for children
  • Estate & Retirement planning
  • Net Worth statement (both personal & business)
Our extended team of experts are able to provide direction on any areas that may require further attention and insight. Each of these independent experts are brought in for their specialized opinions and recommendations based on the planning strategies we have uncovered. We strive to ensure that every possible area of your personal and professional life is reviewed and in order
When you think of financial success and peace of mind, we want to be the first name that comes to mind.