Applying our passion to serve the community

We’ve been fortunate to meet so many wonderful members of our community, and below you’ll find just a handful of the local organizations we are proud to support. Whether it’s partnering with a nearby charity or contributing funding for important causes, there is always a new opportunity to help everyone prosper.

Académie de Golf du Royal Québec

Helping people discover the joy of golf, develop their skills, and achieve their goals

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Fondation De La Maison Michel Sarrazin

Providing support and services to people affected by this life-changing disease

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Réno Jouets

Recovering, recycling and reusing previously loved toys so children from disadvantaged backgrounds can enjoy play

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Fondation du rein, Division du Québec

Helping millions of Canadians living with, or at risk of developing, kidney disease

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Fondation Les Petits Frères de Québec

Helping seniors make and maintain meaningful relationships in their community

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Fondation Hôpital Charles-LeMoyne

Providing shelter, safety, comfort, and support to more than 300 women and children

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Fondation Vincent Bourque

Funding ALS research to find a better treatment or cure for people living with ALS

Centraide Foundation

Helping individuals and families living in poverty take back control of their lives

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Fondation de l’Alzheimer

Offering support and services to people with this disease and their families.

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Judo Beauce

Local sports and community non-profit organization

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Fondation des diabétiques de Québec

Providing tools to help people with diabetes understand their disease in order to better control it and prevent complications

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Maison Catherine de Longpré

Offering critical palliative care for people in the Robert-Cliche, Beauce-Sartigan and Les Etchemins regions

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