A Disciplined Approach Is The Key

Dan and his team work exclusively with high-net worth families to create customized investment portfolios and provide holistic wealth management advice using a disciplined process that is structured, proven, and effective:


The Process “FLOWS”

First Impressions

Through discussions surrounding background, family, hobbies, and core values, we'll determine if there's a fit and if Dan's approach can add value to your current financial situation.


The most important aspect of the entire model is to truly understand your unique situation.  We will listen and ask questions to discover and clarify your needs, goals, objectives and desires.


After carefully addressing your concerns, Dan and his team will meticulously construct your customized financial game plan and provide you with the best possible financial solutions.

Walk the Talk

This is the implementation phase in which Dan's team puts your unique financial strategies to work for you.

Service the Flow

Your portfolio and financial game plan are subject to ongoing review, to ensure that you are continuously on track.  Together we review and revise to make certain that we are constantly utilizing the best financial solutions possible.  

This process offers you complete peace of mind knowing that your finances are being properly and professionally cared for.