A Customized Approach for Women in Wealth

Around the world, women’s wealth and income are growing faster than ever.  Powerful demographic, economic and technological changes are increasing women’s financial strength and independence.

Women are now more financially powerful than ever - they are earning more, inheriting more, starting more businesses and controlling more of the wealth:

  • By 2026, women in Canada will control nearly 50% of the financial wealth 
  • As of 2021, women represent 57% of professional corporations in business and finance (up from 47% in 1997)
  • Millennial and GenX women are 1.5X more likely to be a primary income earner 
  • Women’s personal financial assets will grow by more than 70% in the coming decade 
  • Canadian women will report a total of annual income of $500 billion by 2026 

As a female wealth advisor, I understand that when it comes to wealth planning, women have unique life experiences, interests and priorities to take into account.  I also recognize and value the distinct differences in female investors and as the holders and controllers of wealth:

  • Women view achieving their personal goals as more important than investment performance and are more interested in whether an advisor can help them achieve their personal goals;
  • Women are patient investors – they tend to develop an investment strategy and stick to it;
  • Women are more risk aware when they invest, taking the time to evaluate whether the reward justifies the risk; 
  • Women have distinct preferences in many areas of the client experience, including security, accuracy and privacy; greater appreciation of high-quality human interactions; more openness toward digital technology; and a greater willingness to share their experiences online;
  • Women see transparency and clarity as particularly important drivers of trust and they place more value on advocacy or referrals from family and friends.

As the future is set to be transformative for women, I am very proud to specialize in working with women in wealth, offering them a customized approach, focusing on their personal goals and investor preferences.  It is an honor and a privilege for me to advocate for, empower and advise women as they invest in themselves and take control of their wealth in ways that a unique and personal to them.

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