Bringing ESG to the forefront - a podcast

Nov 08, 2019 | Dan Rudisuela


Melanie Adams, VP and Head, Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment at RBC Global Asset Management, discusses how ESG integration helps manage risk and contribute to portfolio returns.

We know that in the mid-1970s, studies have shown a company’s value was only 15% based on nonfinancial factors. So these are ESG factors, but the world’s changed. Now we’ve got social media. We have an immediate dissemination of information if a customer’s not happy. We have the internet. We have cybersecurity. And now the value of a company is over 80% based on nonfinancial factors, including ESG factors. 

- Melanie Adams

Melanie Adams has an interesting role at RBC Global Asset Management as Head of Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment. We had the privilege of having her visit our office this week and I found her perspective on what's happening in the responsible investment space really valuable. Melanie is speaking today at the Sobey School of Business Responsible Investing: Finance for the Future and the podcast that she did with RBC's David Richardson is available here - interesting conversations all around.

If you would like a one-on-one conversation, I can be reached directly here. Happy listening!