RIA Conference Montreal 2019

Celebrating Earth Day with Responsible Investing

Apr 24, 2019 |Dan Rudisuela

Adding a responsible lens to your investment strategy could have a healthy impact on both your long term returns and the world.

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A listening list for the long weekend

Apr 17, 2019 |Dan Rudisuela

The long weekend is the perfect time to enjoy friends, family and some interesting ideas. Here we share the TED Talks that we have lined up on our weekend playlists. From our team to your family, best wishes for a happy Easter!

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Dan Rudisuela, Mike Murphy and Kevin Yuill

IWK Pro Hockey Draft 2019

Apr 15, 2019 |Dan Rudisuela

Another IWK Pro Hockey Draft in the books! Thank you to the 140+ players and incredible sponsors who believe it is a worthwhile event; Mike Murphy, Kevin Yuill & Chris Nolan ( off picking winners at the time of photo )

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What do Sidney Crosby, RBC and the donair have in common?

Apr 05, 2019 |Dan Rudisuela

We're feeling pretty proud of our province this week. RBC's AGM being held in Halifax, where the bank first got its start 150 years ago, seems like the perfect opportunity to celebrate a few other amazing things to have come out of our province.

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Starfish in the hand of a child

Using a manager to invest responsibly? Here is what to look for

Mar 29, 2019 |Dan Rudisuela

4 quick tips to help you choose a responsible investment fund with confidence.

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Houses with satellite dishes

Housing, Skills and High Speed Internet #Budget2019

Mar 22, 2019 |Dan Rudisuela

Big spending announced in the last budget before the general election.

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International Women's Day 2019

Mar 08, 2019 |Dan Rudisuela

The better the balance, the better the world. #BalanceforBetter #IWD2019

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Accessing tax documents online

Our tax packages are amazing... and online!

Feb 28, 2019 |Dan Rudisuela

Checklists. Summaries. T-slips. This is how you make the accountant in your life happy at tax time.

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RBC Talent Hub announced at SMU

Announcing the RBC Talent Hub at Saint Mary's University

Feb 15, 2019 |Dan Rudisuela

RBC, SMU Entrepreneurship Centre, $695,000 and a shared commitment to preparing students for our changing economy; this is going to be big!

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Divest Dal Pin

Divesting at Dalhousie University

Feb 14, 2019 |Dan Rudisuela

Dalhousie University commits to becoming a signatory of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing. A major win for student advocates and further evidence of the growing importance of Responsible Investing.

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