Responsible Investing and Sustainable Finance

June 18, 2019 | Dan Rudisuela


"If Canada is to meet its long-term objectives, sustainable finance must become, simply, finance."

A new report from Canada's Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance - Mobilizing Finance for Sustainable Growth - puts forth 15 recommendations for bringing sustainable finance into the mainstream and uses clear language in describing the change needed:

...climate change opportunity and risk management need to become business-as-usual in financial services, and embedded in everyday business decisions, products and services.

We are particularly pleased to see Recommendation 9: Expand Canada’s green fixed income market, and set a global standard for transition-oriented financing.

Green bonds can form an important part of a responsible portfolio. The money raised through green bonds funds projects in categories like clean water, energy efficiency and pollution prevention. For the investor, they represent the security of a fixed-income vehicle and the satisfaction of funding initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability. The issuance of green bonds has doubled in the last few years to $167 billion annually in 2018. With strong support from government reports like this one, that growth is likely to continue - good news for responsible investors and sustainable initiatives alike.

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