What do Sidney Crosby, RBC and the donair have in common?

Apr 05, 2019 | Dan Rudisuela


We're feeling pretty proud of our province this week. RBC's AGM being held in Halifax, where the bank first got its start 150 years ago, seems like the perfect opportunity to celebrate a few other amazing things to have come out of our province.

Beyond Sidney Crosby: Eight Amazing Things to Come Out of Nova Scotia is a fun read that highlights some pretty cool innovations that originated right here. The country's largest chartered bank and youngest NHL captain to have won a Stanley Cup are maybe the best known Nova Scotia success stories but how about these:

  1. Newsprint
  2. Kerosene Oil
  3. The Wheelchair Accessible Bus
  4. The Propeller
  5. The Odometer
  6. The HIV Rapid-Testing Kit
  7. The Donair
  8. Study and Stay

I recommend a couple other interesting reads that have come out of the AGM this week. In his Address to Shareholders RBC CEO, Dave McKay shared insight into how he see the organization poised for a future that looks drastically different from the past. Also of interest, John Stackhouse, Senior Vice-President Office of the CEO, hosted a session on the future of another industry very important to Halifax; How New Technologies are Changing the Course of Shipping breaks down the 6 key developments transforming shipping.