Announcing the RBC Talent Hub at Saint Mary's University

February 16, 2019 | Dan Rudisuela


RBC, SMU Entrepreneurship Centre, $695,000 and a shared commitment to preparing students for our changing economy; this is going to be big!

RBC Talent Hub announced at SMU

It was standing room only as Chris Ronald, Regional President of RBC, announced RBC's latest initiative to prepare youth of today for the jobs of tomorrow (bonus points if you can spot me in the crowd). The $695,000 gift is part of the RBC Future Launch Program's $500 million response to the 'quiet crisis' we are facing - lots of jobs, but not enough of skills. Humans Wanted - how Canadian youth can thrive in the age of disruption is a fascinating report on the reality of work in the age of automation, the findings of which were the impetus behind the RBC Future Launch Program.

As a SMU Alumni and current Board of Governors member I was thrilled to see this investment. This is a concrete step towards arming students with the skills and experience they will need to not only face the new reality but to thrive in it and make it their own. The future is theirs and, with this kind of support, it's a bright and exciting one.