9 Big Insights for 2019

January 11, 2019 | Dan Rudisuela


We finished 2018 amidst uncertainty and volatility. Let's start 2019 with some clarity and insight into trends, opportunities and risks that may lie ahead.

RBC Economics has published a special report highlighting 9 big insights for Canadian investors to be aware of in 2019. There are potential headwinds (interest rate hikes, possibly the end of a record expansion, trade tension) but also real strength (we lead the G7 in population growth and more new businesses being created than at any time since 2012). The full report can be accessed here and is well worth the read.

Here are some of the key trends expected to shape the year ahead:

  1. Less economic reliance on the consumer. 

  2. Stronger housing prices (and worse affordability).

  3. Labour shortages leading to possible wage growth.

  4. Immigration.

  5. Canadian oil - relief ahead both in the market and on the rails.

  6. Better business competitiveness.

  7. Trade - new deals, old deals, no deals.