Pairing Wine with a Market Update

December 08, 2018 | Dan Rudisuela


This past week we filled our boardroom, brought in a wine importer and a market specialist and had a fun and informative conversation about what's happening in the markets and which wines we're pouring over the holidays.

The wine tasting notes, including a few tips for hosts and guests this holiday season, can be found here. Insider Tip: Looking to serve something different and get great bang for your buck? Try wines from Washington. While the Columbia Valley in Washington state has been producing great wines for ages, it is only recently that they are available in Nova Scotia. Since the overhead costs of making wine in Washington are significantly lower (think real estate) than places like California, the wines from this region tend to offer great value.

Between sips, we also had an engaging talk about recent market conditions and the outlook going forward. The discussion touched on everything from rate hikes to trade and geopolitical tensions. One of the main themes of the conversation was the importance of reviewing asset allocation in light of slowing global growth and rising rates.

While the evening was a great high-level overview of major economic trends, each individual investor's situation is unique and their portfolio should be reviewed in context with their personal objectives and timelines. To do just that please reach out to me here.