Bitcoin and Blockchain as Investments

Dec 11, 2017 | Dan Rudisuela


Bitcoin is unregulated, anonymous, highly volatile and prone to hacking but with a rally in price of 1000% it's hard not to have a little FOMO. 

Daily we hear about the development of this technology highlighted by the debut of Bitcoin Futures on the Cboe Options Exchange. Big industries and organizations are clearly taking notice. Projects are underway at RBC to offer clients a secure way to access cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Currently the most efficient and popular way to have direct exposure to Bitcoin is through private exchanges.

But what is it? Blockchain, the technology underlying cryptocurrencies, is fascinating in its own right. The huge number of potential applications for blockchain make it appealing as an investment but accomplishing direct investment in it is less straightforward. 

The approach that I take for clients looking for exposure to Bitcoin and Blockchain, at this stage, is indirect investment through large cap stocks that are exposed to blockchain technology and/or cryptocurrencies.

This is an area that I will continue to watch closely; I have no doubt there will be exciting developments to report in 2018!