Good morning Colleen. We wanted you to know, how much we appreciate your dedication to us! Have a wonderful day.

Tami and David,  Clients since August 2021


I want to thank you for making time to meet with my daughter regarding her decision to sell her condo and purchase a larger property.Thanks to you, my daughter is now feeling very solid in her final decision regarding her mortgage options. Glory! Glory!

And as a parent, you know the feeling – when your child is feeling good about something ... all is right in your world as well.

I know she worked very hard at ensuring she had all her ducks in a row. But she was yearning the support of a “trusted” expert to ensure that she had thought of everything; someone to listen to her analysis and provide a sounding board for her perceived implications of selecting “Door # 1” or “Door # 2”.

This real estate transaction is important to her on many fronts. And I want you to know how much it meant to both of us to have your support at this juncture in her journey.

I know she will be seeking your services in the future, when she gets her footing a little firmer on the ground, in terms of future personal financial planning.

And that makes me VERY happy! Why? Because I know that she will always receive top-notch and “trustworthy” counsel whenever she works with you in the future.

Like it or not Colleen, you are now “our” person!

I have appreciated your guidance over the many years we have worked together. You helped me through some very challenging years, and I have always appreciated your steady hand.

And as I now am preparing to enter my next phase – of “dialing down” my consulting practice, I am feeling calm and prepared to start executing my retirement plan that you helped me build over the years.

In appreciation,

AC, Client since 2004

“…let me thank you for your positive response in this new reality. Colleen your blogs and links are a refreshing change from routine platitudes.”

P.H., Client since 2003


"Thank you so much for speaking with me today.

These tumultuous times are certainly causing fear and uncertainty about peoples financial futures. As the markets respond to the recent events, and we look at our investments and see the impact of that on them, this  causes a lot of fear for the future.

For those of us who have limited time before we intend to draw upon our investments and may not have as much time to wait for recovery in our portfolio’s, it is  very stressful.  The market reaction, media panic, and warnings of market crashes, temps us to react quickly, and perhaps to make hasty decisions that may not be the best for us individually.

It is very comforting to be able to reach out to someone such as yourself who has the knowledge and expertise for guidance.   Thank you for your reassurance, and affirmation that  deciding to not make any decisions about the portfolio is in fact a decision.  We will stay the course and hold.

Thank you for your guidance and advise I definitely feel more comfortable after speaking with you"

Susan Kent


"Colleen is the Financial Advisor to our entire family. My husband's retirement fund used to be lottery tickets until Colleen came into the picture 2 years ago as a professional 3rd party. (Husband's do not listen to their wives. LOL).  My boys who are young adults have already started RRSPs + TFSAs and they are only 19 and 21.  She is full of great advice and wisdom and I am very happy to be her client.  She has the formal education, the professional years of experience and she is constantly staying on top of her own knowledge through continuous education, blogging and keeping informed of the market activity."

L. Ferron, Client since 2016


 I would like to provide you with some positive feedback on the services that I receive from your team and, in particular, with the direct service you provide to me personally.

My late husband, Jim, and I were referred to you in order to invest our funds.  At the time, my husband was alive and was making a substantial amount of money and we therefore required a financial advisor to direct us in appropriately securing our finances by the provision of sound, expert advice for our future.

We were extremely satisfied with the advice that we were given by you from the outset.  Upon the passing of my husband in 2009, I was very concerned over my financial situation. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help during my transition.  You were able to provide me with concrete advice as to what my next steps should be in order to continue to live a lifestyle that was best suited for me.

I sincerely feel that my finances are in good hands with the investments I have made thanks to you and your team. You understand my specific needs and I am able to talk freely and openly regarding any concerns that I have.  In all cases you manage to alleviate any stress that comes along with financial decisions.

Once again, than you for supporting me and regarding me as a valued customer.”

Debra Battison


“Colleen has been managing both my husband’s and my portfolio for the past six years. I have always found her to be very knowledgeable and professional in her dealings with us. Colleen has gained my trust and I am very confident our portfolios are being managed with our best interests in mind. Our meetings are planned well in advance with clear goals in mind. Meetings are always followed by an email recapping the meeting and highlighting any changes to the portfolios. Thank you notes are received shortly after the meeting. These “personal touches” are very much appreciated.”



“We certainly consider you as more than a “wealth” [what’s our wealth?] manager. With all due respect we think of you as a friend.”

Mr. & Mrs. Patricio, Clients since 2002


“Before working with Colleen and her team, our investing was more at loose ends. She instilled more confidence and was very explanatory. She always has time for you whenever a problem or request arises. When we joined her team, I felt more secure in the fact that she took a more personal interest in my well-being and what my present and future financial needs might be. Carole also has been very helpful and courteous when I needed special help solving a problem that I couldn’t solve on my own. I would highly recommend Colleen and her team.”

Eileen Chambers, Client since 2004


“You answered the questions I had and this helped me make more informed decisions. Thank you to your team for the spreadsheets with different scenarios: those tools were very helpful and as you said, we can use them in future years, adding new info.

Also thank you for your support in the last couple of years. Financial insecurity was one important contributing factor to my disarray and every time I meet you, you managed to lift a big chunk of it and “calm me down”.

I am fortunate to have found you as my financial advisor.”

E.J. Nepean, Client since 2006


“I didn't quite achieve the elusive freedom 55 goal but am retired now at 57.  

A huge thank you goes out to my RBC wealth management team of Colleen and Carole. Colleen's sound advice and suitable investment strategies have made my retirement goals attainable. I found that having a trusted advisor coupled with some personal budgeting, the results can be surprising.

I'd like to share two of my saving tips. First, I have a cash back visa which I use for all my spending. My experience is that my reward always covers my annual fee and more (approximately $200.00/annually). Secondly, I have found that bank service charges, in general, are expensive; usually around $14.00/month. That's $168.00/yr!  Utilizing an account that waives service charges for a minimum balance held ( ie $4000.00) you can save the service charges.

By using two little saving methods you'd be ahead $368.00/yr.  Note, if you had that $4000.00 invested at 2%, it would only yield $80.00, not as much as you saving the service charge.”

S.S., Client since 2007


“I am so grateful for the work you and your team have done for me in looking after my investments.  At my age it is a great feeling to know that I can rely on you and your team to take care of my finances.”

NJR, Client since 2008