Spring 2020

Views on the global financial markets and insights on managing your wealth.

Uncertainty everywhere

How the pandemic is affecting global equity markets – and how things can improve in 2021.

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A very different kind of crisis

Why there may be more market volatility in store for investors – both to the downside and to the upside.

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Global Insight

Insights into the equity, fixed-income, currency and commodity markets from RBC Wealth Management.

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RBC CEO: Now’s the time to shape the economy of tomorrow

How to make Canada a more self-reliant country in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Wealth planning strategies during a downturn

Tax, estate and financial planning opportunities to explore and set you up for long-term success.

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Tax filing extensions due to COVID-19

New deadlines for filing taxes and making payments.

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Breaking down the government’s COVID-19 response

Analysis of the unprecedented measures intended to stabilize the economy and provide support for Canadian workers and businesses.

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Managing your finances during COVID-19

While we’re working remotely, we can still help you manage your finances.

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Six ways to protect yourself from COVID-19 scams

Situations like COVID-19 can make people more vulnerable to scams – and more attractive to scammers.

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How a Canadian company used AI to detect the coronavirus

Early warning system sent an alert days before the World Health Organization.

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RBC Global Insight Monthly

July 2017 Edition

RBC Wealth Management Global Insight Monthly – The Continental Shift: Appeal of European Equities

The prospects for European stocks look brighter than they have for some time. In an illuminating interview, the head of European equity at RBC Global Asset Management shares the many facets and special features which make the European story stand out.

Dividend strategy: Slow and steady wins the race

A simple concept can go a long way. For the investor who starts early the effect of compounding is surprisingly compelling. By harnessing the power of dividend-paying stocks, investors can cushion the blow from market downturns and build a cash flow machine.

As always, Global Insight also provides our latest thoughts on equities, bonds, commodities, and currencies.

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