Our investment philosophy focuses on three core values:

  • Achieving client goals
  • Disciplined and proactive investment process
  • Stability and downside protection

Our unique Value Plus Investment Process is based on helping our clients successfully achieve their financial goals with confidence and peace of mind.  

Our Value Plus Investment Process     

A disciplined investment management process starts by ensuring we have the right asset mix to match each individual client’s personal goals. This is a continuous process that involves on-going communication with clients and updating their goals as their life changes.

Our Value Investing approach focuses on finding high quality, under priced investment opportunities based on the environment and market cycle. We then follow with an extensive due diligence process by our investment committee before making any decisions to add a position to portfolios combined with a strict sell discipline that ensures we remove securities that no longer meet our investment criteria.

The Plus part of our process uses tactical allocation to balance delivering consistent returns with protecting against downside risks. We constantly monitor the investment environment for areas of risk and adjust our clients’ portfolio to limit exposure to investments with limited future returns or with elevated downside risk.

It is important to be able to take advantage of market opportunities as the environment can change quickly. Our response must be timely to be effective. A proactive approach allows us to analyze market risks and effectively position portfolios during periods of market stress to exploit opportunities in the brief time they are available. Our implementation process allow us to execute on these occasions for each and every client quickly and efficiently.

Diligent research, a disciplined process and timely implementation allows us to both preserve our client’s funds while earning them a return that achieves their financial goals.