The Key to successful investing is the creation of a long-term Comprehensive Wealth Management Plan, that reflects your tolerance for risk while setting realistic & achievable goals. With this client-centric approach, all aspects of your personal financial situation are considered, integrating all your investment, insurance, tax & estate planning needs.

We coordinate the activities of your existing professional advisors, such as tax accountants and lawyers. Depending on your situation, we can also tap into our own network of professional advisors, as well as those available through RBC Financial Group.
Our team provides a full range of Wealth Management Solutions such as Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, Business Planning, Education Planning and Will & Estate Planning. Within these areas we also incorporate:
Investment Management For Income - We look to several institutions in Canada to offer you the most competitive rates through Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC's), Bonds, Treasury Bills and Money Market securities
Investment Management For Growth - If you are focused on building your wealth, we take a disciplined approach that maximizes your investment opportunities without unnecessary risk
Option Trading - We use covered call and put option strategies to provide you with additional yield in your portfolio
Comprehensive Financial Planning - We create a personalized Financial Plan that encompasses all aspects of your financial situation and stress test this plan looking at various rate of return scenarios and inflation risk
Insurance Strategies - We work with a highly qualified Insurance Specialist to help you create and preserve your wealth.  We also consider the immediate need of income replacement as a result of untimely death, illness or disability through life, critical and disability insurance
Charitable Giving - While helping support your favourite causes, we can help educate you on how to take advantage of special tax savings from donating securities, incorporating a charity in your will or establishing your own legacy through a foundation
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