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My first name Carola is both a gift and a burden. To begin with, my parents gave me the gift of life along with the gift of my very own name; original and different yet derived from the old world charm of an Italian Carolina. The burden I carry with this name is at Starbucks. At Starbucks, I have conceded defeat and am known as Sam. Or when I feel cheeky Mavis Ophelia Mathewson.

On occasion I am asked where I got this name from which provokes my usual reply as "my Dad's girlfriend at the time was a Carola". My mom, who was an Elisabeth, was properly shocked when she first heard me utter this total nonsense. I was 15; my comment accompanied with the appropriate teen age eye roll. I mean, she was an Elisabeth. What could she do to me? Slap me with her crown? As a side note, my Dad was a Wolfgang. You don't argue with a Wolfgang or consider an eye roll.

So, what does all this have to do with Investment Advice at RBC Dominion Securities?


I have a story, I am who I am because of where I came from. Starting with my name. I am unique. So are you; you have your own story of a life lived, experiences made, from your past, your present and going forward, your future. It is your story that I am interested in and one that will shape your investments, reflecting your experiences and shaping your expectations. Your life lived will be instrumental on how you will react to your investments; whether you will be a victim of hyped up news stories or stay calm, cool and collected believing in the process.

Knowing your story will help me guide you financially. I consider it my privilege, my responsibility; a gift.

I have been an investment advisor for 27 years starting with a three year intense and thorough apprenticeship at UBS in Switzerland, a one year practicum in Luxembourg and then 10 years as an advisor for international clients. Swiss banking, at that time was everything you imagine it to have been: filled with secrecy, VIP's, suitcases full of cash, numbered accounts within the hallowed halls of wealth. Here in Canada, I have all the necessary certificates and schooling that allows me to continue to advise which I have done successfully in the past 17 years.

In my time away from the office, I am passionate about rowing. Or in other words, sculling. Whether it's a single, double or quad scull, the gliding, the elegant posture, the athletic power required to move seemingly effortlessly through the water is hypnotic to me.  While I rowed as a young adult in Switzerland, the last six years as a member of the Vernon Rowing and Dragonboat Club on Swan Lake have been the most joyful.

I have lived in Coldstream for the past 15 years. About four years ago, I met Warner Owen Wagner, or WOW for short. As a machinist and mechanic, he can fix or make anything. This is incredible to see for a pencil pusher like me. In our time together, Warner and I enjoy hiking and riding our bikes along the Rail Trail.

That's more of my story. If you would like your story heard, I would consider it a gift, first and foremost.

Lori Stene


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Lori is a graduate of the University of Calgary who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, with a concentration in Criminology and Economics. Her academic background makes her the ideal person to find nuances on forms, statements and processes within RBC’s many systems.

Lori possesses a wealth of knowledge, as she has been in the financial industry for over 25 years, most of which as a Branch Administrator. Hers is the cheerful voice who answers many of your administrative questions,

Lori and her family moved to Vernon about a decade ago and have been making the most of life in the Okanagan. They enjoy spending time outdoors with their three dogs, or on the open road riding their motorcycles.