Carola Brunner, PFP

Investment Advisor

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My first name Carola is both a gift and a burden. To begin with, my parents gave me the gift of life along with the gift of my very own name; original and different yet derived from the old world charm of an Italian Carolina. The burden I carry with this name is at Starbucks. At Starbucks, I have conceded defeat and am known as Sam. Or when I feel cheeky Mavis Ophelia Mathewson.

On occasion I am asked where I got this name from which provokes my usual reply as "my Dad's girlfriend at the time was a Carola". My mom, who was an Elisabeth, was properly shocked when she first heard me utter this total nonsense. I was 15; my comment accompanied with the appropriate teen age eye roll. I mean, she was an Elisabeth. What could she do to me? Slap me with her crown? As a side note, my Dad was a Wolfgang. You don't argue with a Wolfgang or consider an eye roll.

So, what does all this have to do with Investment Advice at RBC Dominion Securities?


I have a story, I am who I am because of where I came from. Starting with my name. I am unique. So are you; you have your own story of a life lived, experiences made, from your past, your present and going forward, your future. It is your story that I am interested in and one that will shape your investments, reflecting your experiences and shaping your expectations. Your life lived will be instrumental on how you will react to your investments; whether you will be a victim of hyped up news stories or stay calm, cool and collected believing in the process.

Knowing your story will help me guide you financially. I consider it my privilege, my responsibility; a gift.

I have been an investment advisor for 27 years starting with a three year intense and thorough apprenticeship at UBS in Switzerland, a one year practicum in Luxembourg and then 10 years as an advisor for international clients. Swiss banking, at that time was everything you imagine it to have been: filled with secrecy, VIP's, suitcases full of cash, numbered accounts within the hallowed halls of wealth. This too has come to an end as compliance, transparency and reporting have taken up front row seats. Here in Canada, I have all the necessary certificates and schooling that allows me to continue to advise which I have done successfully in the past 17 years.

If you would like your story heard, I would consider it a gift first and foremost.