What we do

 We believe that successful wealth management is achieved when families have peace of mind and can enjoy their wealth. This is an ongoing process that is founded on a trusted relationship, a clear written plan and exceptional client service. 

 Whether you are looking to build your financial future, protect what you have already built or create a lasting legacy for your family, we have the expertise and resources you need.

How we do it

Today, people are living longer, more productive lives and accumulating more wealth. With this success comes the challenge of how to grow, maintain and transfer wealth as you pass through different stages of your life.  We believe in the whole client We acknowledge there is more to life than your investment portfolio and life challenges can affect special family and/or business situations, therefore, it is important that:

 Every client has a Clear Investment Strategy. Working closely with you, we provide a diversified strategy which reflects your income and return objectives at a level of market risk you are willing to absorb.  Your portfolio is reviewed and rebalanced on a quarterly basis according to your personalized written Investment Policy Statement.  This provides you the confidence that your money is managed in a professional manner.       Every client has a fully functional Personalized Financial Plan. A financial plan provides a road map that either confirms that you are on the correct financial path, or assists us in outlining the direction needed to reach your goals.  This provides peace of mind.       Every client has a relevant Tax Strategy. Working with your tax partner, or one recommended by us, we ensure you preserve your capital, and maximize your after-tax income.

 Every client has a relevant Will and Estate Plan. Our will and estate consulting team reviews your current will and makes recommendations to make sure your last wishes and desires will be followed.  We partner with your lawyer or one recommended by us in this process.    

 Every client has the appropriate Insurance Solutions. We review your present insurance plan to confirm, or recommend strategies that reduce your familys financial risk in the event of a critical illness or disability and ensure your loved ones are properly looked after.

 Every client has a trusted Banking Partner. Working with a trusted banking partner ensures that there is complete synergy between your investment plans and your banking needs.  Having an effective strategy for managing your cash flow needs is a critical element in fulfilling your overall Financial Plan.

 Every client has a dedicated Service Plan. You receive a document that outlines the services we provide, a schedule for meetings, and guidelines for when we will contact you, and when you should contact us.  We also provide a written full disclosure of the costs for our services.