Simplify Your Financial Life - The Case for Consolidation

Oct 16, 2019 | Cairy Holtby


Diversification is one of the golden rules of investing to reduce risk and boost your return potential over time. Investor surveys indicate that wealthy investors open multiple accounts of the same type, with different financial institutions and different advisors, either because it simply happened this way over time or because they believe it to be an effective way to diversify.


But diversification is really about how you invest your money — not where you keep it.


Follow this link to find a short article which highlights the key benefits of consolidating your assets with one advisor including;

 - Reduced costs

- Simplified administration and consolidated reporting

- Easier estate settlement process

- Access to comprehensive wealth management services

- More tax-efficient retirement income planning


For convenience alone, consolidation is a strategy worth considering. With consolidation, you work with one advisor who sees the big picture – who understands your overall financial situation and provides the customized advice you need.