July Newsletter

Jul 03, 2018 | Cairy Holtby


July 2018


Summer is in full swing now and is here to stay. The summer months tend to be a quieter time of the year for us and so we’d like to take this time to do some catching up. We’d like to ensure that all of our clients have reviewed and update their financial and estate plans with us this year. If you’ve had any recent changes or have questions regarding this process, please give us a call.


Our monthly newsletter will be taking a short break for the remaining summer months but will resume again in the fall.


We hope everyone has a great summer and enjoys this warm weather.


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Jillian Hughes 250.712.2195 | jillian.hughes@rbc.com


Please stay tuned to our website, www.cairyholtby.com

You will be able to find articles we post as well as the regular Global Insight Weekly and Monthly publications.



Is age but a number?


Examining age-related health realities and the potential impacts of a failure to plan financially.


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European equity downgrade: Continental drift

Economic growth that seems to have hit a wall and an unwelcome embrace of populism have turned the investment case for European equities more opaque.

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The new Canadian legacy

New Canadian legacy defined by family, friends and social impact

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