April 2018 Newsleter

May 01, 2018 | Cairy Holtby



April 2018

April has come and gone and so has tax time! We have attached a few articles regarding tax strategies that you may want to take a look at for the upcoming year.


The markets have been interesting, to say the least.

We will be gradually ‘updating’ portfolios over the course of the next twelve months with responses to your bond yields and higher volatility. One of the other things that we will be working on, is switching all mutual funds from a time scheduled fee (called low load) to a front load. There will be no cost or tax implications to do this, as it will just make it simpler and cleaner.


I attended a day with Canoe Financial at the end of April, in Vancouver. It is always a treat to be a part of small group of advisors and being able to listen to some very bright people. I heard Canoe’s portfolio managers speak regarding the markets and how they are positioning their funds. They are generally positive on the markets in the short term, particularly in Canada. They believe the oil market will continue to be strong and also believe one ‘good news’ event like NAFTA, LN6 Plant or Pipeline would be a positive catalyst. We also heard from the CEO of Finning, Tourmaline and a researcher named Vivian Krause. I enjoyed her work and have included a link to her research. She filled in for Ian Anderson of Kinder Morgan, who in light of the recent developments, is not doing speaking engagements!


Holtby & Associates Team Update:

We are continuing the search to add to our team and hopefully will have someone soon.

Thanks for all the good wishes regarding my knee, the recovery process is going just fine. I am still homeless at the moment but am moving into an RV for the summer, yeehaw!

As always please call if you need anything at all.


Natel’s direct line is 250.712.2187 / natel.hull@rbc.com

Jillian can be reached at 250.712.2195 / jillian.hughes@rbc.com


Please stay tuned to our website, www.cairyholtby.com

You will be able to find articles we post as well as the regular Global Insight Weekly and Monthly publications.




Vivian Krause

Vancouver researcher & writer. I work from my dining room table, using Google on my own nickel. Not part of any political party, any industry, or any campaign. At The Financial Post, they call me the girl who played with tax data and uncovered the foreign funding of Canadian green groups. But it wasn't always this way…’


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The Big Picture: Economic Outlook

The latest perspective on the global economy from RBC GAM Chief Economist Eric Lascelles.

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Tax Planning Strategies for High-Income Earners

Tax minimization strategies for those earning $200,000 or more to consider with their professional tax advisor.

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