What We Do

Simply put, we help people enjoy their money.

We’re different than other financial groups. For us, financial planning isn’t about money: it’s about people. Only by truly getting to know our clients can we make the kinds of customized recommendations that provide peace of mind and confidence. And that’s our goal: to give you the confidence–and a true understanding of your financial picture–to be able to spend without fear of outliving your money. With a realistic plan that efficiently manages risks, taxes, and inflation, we’ll help you understand how much you need to retire comfortably. It’s your money: isn’t it time you enjoyed it?

Why We Do It

Helping our clients achieve their goals gives us a thrill, but it’s deeper than that. We’re motivated by a daily pursuit of mastery: striving to consistently deliver excellence to our clients. For us that means building genuine and caring connections that foster trust, openness and respect. These relationships are the foundation of our business–and the force that drives us.

We believe a goal without a plan is just a wish. Our emphasis on building client relationships ensures we truly understand your dreams and goals before we begin planning. We keep our practice small for this reason; focusing on a smaller group of clients means we can spend more time getting to know each person, developing customized recommendations and proactively reviewing strategic approaches.

How We Do It

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit our office is that we don’t look like other financial groups. We want you to feel comfortable–at home with us.

The second thing you’ll notice is that we don’t start with the numbers. In fact, you can leave your bank statements at home–at least for our first meeting. Instead, we start by getting to know you. What’s your life story?  What–and who–is important to you? What are your dreams and goals? Only after we’ve built a solid and trusting connection will we talk about establishing a clear financial vision.

Your financial vision starts with constructing a personalized Wealth Plan that incorporates our customized recommendations, considers your risk tolerance, and above all, has your best interest at heart. Our non-biased approach and flat fee structure is just one assurance of impartiality, but ultimately, it comes down to a relationship built on trust.

Who We Have Done It For

We work with a select and small group of clients in or close to retirement.

Bob and Jan are one such couple. We had worked together on a plan for them to retire in two years when suddenly, plans changed. Bob and Jan had impulsively put in an offer to buy a home in a smaller town near relatives. After putting in the offer, they met with us to see if buying the home and retiring two years early was, in fact, doable. We analyzed their financial picture, and, due to strong returns from their portfolio, determined they could buy the home and retire early.

Another success story can be seen in clients Dan and Dawn. Although they were already retired, they had never done a retirement cash flow plan. With investments spread across many institutions, the couple didn’t have a clear picture of–and even less confidence in–their financial situation. Together, we sat down and got to know each other. We created a conservative, tax-efficient portfolio plan that ultimately let Dan and Dawn sleep well at night, comfortable they weren’t going to outlive their money.

What Makes Us Different

There are several things that set us apart. Here are just a few of the qualities we think allow us to continue to grow and achieve success.

We’ve developed a proven planning and management process that allows for efficient use of resources. By streamlining our processes, we’re able to give you more of our time. Perhaps ironically, these standards also allow us to be more creative with our recommendations.

Our team is a family. We’re tight-knit, supportive, and work closely and well together. We’re also genuinely caring and interested in each other–and in our clients. We love to achieve goals and deliver exceptional client experiences. We work hard, and we play hard.

The work we do with our clients around life goals and vision is truly uncommon, at least in a financial atmosphere. You may find it unusual, but we guarantee you’ll also find it rewarding.

Effective communication and delivering extraordinary experiences are cornerstones of our practice. It’s all part of building genuine and trusting connections with our clients.

Finally: you. We’re selective about who we choose to work with. We’re open, willing, committed, passionate and respectful people, and we look for the same qualities in our clients. Our clients are decent people and we truly enjoy working with them.

Why Should You Do Business With Us?

The bottom line: because we truly care. We’ve got your best interests at heart, and we’ll be honest and upfront about how you can achieve your vision. But also because we’re the best at what we do. Our results speak for themselves (although our many satisfied clients are also happy to sing our praises). Finally, because you can expect the unexpected from us. Extraordinary experiences aren’t just something we strive for; they’re what we deliver.

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