We provide the clarity, stability and confidence so you can enjoy your money.




- Help define your Financial Vision

- Build your goals based Financial Plan

- Create your personalized Road Map to keep you on track




- Provide world class investment management

- Deliver objective advice

- Employ tax wise strategies



- Operate a consistent and proven process

- Deliver a personalized, high value experience

- Client trust demonstrated by a high referral rate




The Eydt Wealth Advisory Group is a leading wealth management practice at RBC Dominion Securities, the number one asset management firm in Canada. Their approach to investing is intrinsically personal. To them, financial planning isn’t about money: it’s about people. They prioritize getting to know their clients’ financial vision so they can make personalized recommendations. This work provides the clarity, stability, and confidence required to spend without the fear of outliving your money. Simply put, their proven process allows clients to enjoy their money.

The team is a family. They’re tight-knit, supportive, and work closely and well together. They’re also genuinely caring and interested in each other – and in their clients. The Eydt Wealth Advisory Group is always striving to achieve goals and deliver exceptional client experiences.

The team specializes in wealth management, investment management, retirement planning, tax planning, succession planning, risk management, asset management, estate planning, and financial advisory services.




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